Research Studies

Use the links in the box on the left for information on each of the studies being conducted by PASA.

The exact number and type of studies to be conducted will depend on the quantity and quality of applications received and if the optional funding is provided. The types of studies correspond to PASA's three Aims.


Type of Study




Aim 1

Discovery Studies

Animal Models

Alcohol Dependence

Screen potential compounds for therapeutic potential in animal models for ASUD and PTSD

Aim 2

Human Proof of Concept Studies

Human Subjects

Compounds from discovery studies or similar preclinical testing

Take the best candidate compounds from discovery to test for medical safety and for indicators of potential effectiveness

Aim 3

Phase II Safety and Preliminary Efficacy Clinical Trials

Human Subjects





Potential medication combinations in patients with ASUD and concurrent PTSD with or without the chronic effects of mild TBI

Identify potential medications or medication combinations for ASUD with PTSD;

Determine if there is enough evidence of efficacy to support moving forward with Phase III clinical trials