Grant Program

There are no application solicitations active at this time

Overview of Grant Program


The PASA Consortium accepts applications for study funding during open solicitation periods. The exact number and type of studies approved during each solicitation period will depend on the quantity and quality of applications received and amount of available funding. Notices of study application solicitation periods will be posted here on the PASA Consortium’s website, publicly advertised via professional organization e-mail list serves and conference postings, and distributed to investigators, pharmaceutical companies, and academic research institutes that are known to have potentially viable candidate compounds. Please check here regularly for funding announcements and updates.


At least two rounds of solicitations for study applications are planned:

  • RFA 1 (FY16 Round 1: Completed in 2015/2016): Solicitation for Discover and Proof of Concept studies  
  • RFA 2 (FY17 Round 1: Release date December 2, 2016): Solicitation for Phase II Safety and Preliminary Efficacy Trials

If there are funds available, additional solicitation periods will be added. 

Application Process

Short pre-application letters will be submitted and reviewed by PASA leadership. An ordered priority listing of pre-application letters will be submitted to the Government Steering Committee (GSC) for final selection of pre-applicants invited to submit full applications. 

Full applications will be submitted and a two-step review process will be conducted.

  1. A scientific peer review by independent subject matter experts selected by PASA leadership that will score each application.
  2. A programmatic review by PASA Leadership among the top scientific scoring applications. An ordered priority listing of applications will be submitted to the GSC for final selection of applications to be funded.

Applications will be scored on the following factors:

  • Scientific merit (e.g., medical significance, quality and appropriateness of research plan, feasibility)
  • Administrative merit (e.g., reasonableness of budget, availability of necessary resources, collaboration/co-funding potential with pharmaceutical company)

Applications will only be accepted from investigators who previously submitted a pre-application and who received a letter of request to submit a full application. Below are several documents related to submitting an application that are available for downloading.

Due Date

There are no application solicitations active at this time