Consumer Advisory Board

The function of the members of the Pharmacotherapies for Alcohol and Substance Abuse (PASA) Consortium Consumer Advisory Board (CAB) shall be to advise and make non-binding recommendations to the Government Steering Committee (GSC) for the PASA. The CAB will comprise military Service members or Veterans who suffer from ASUD, PTSD or TBI, family members of this population as well as members of service organizations with specific ties to these groups of individuals. The responsibilities of the committee members include:

  • Providing information that may help the GSC and consortium leadership better understand the needs of U.S. military Service members and Veterans suffering from Alcohol and Substance Abuse Disorder (ASUD) so that appropriate research can be designed and implemented.
  • Evaluating existing research efforts and making recommendations for additions and/or modifications to project procedures as well as providing input for a roadmap for future research, based on members’ personal experiences and knowledge.
  • Providing linkages to targeted communities and assistance in forming partnerships.
  • Working with consortium leadership to help the community understand the need for and goals of the research being planned or conducted.
  • Advising consortium leadership on how best to disseminate information about research results in a timely manner and reviewing materials to ensure that they are appropriately crafted.
  • Translating scientific information into lay language.

See Consumer Advisory Board Members for details on the current CAB membership.